Services What we do best.


· Shopper Marketing
· Point of Purchase Merchandising
· Deli Meat slicing service
· Floor Set Ups
· Blitz
· Mystery Shopper
· KPIs Compliance Audits

Executional strategies implemented by our trained, professional work teams provide the best in service solutions for multiple retail channels.

Assisted Sales

· Field Intelligence
· Sales Assistants
· Drugstore Specialists

Our work teams take extra care in gathering inventory data on the retail floor, in the backroom and in the warehouse. We are also trained in the taking of sales orders, providing merchandising services, and capturing point of purchase data. These services can be contracted on a long-term or per visit basis. 


· Consumer Engagement
· BTL Marketing
· Promocional Marketing
· Sales Promotions
· Demonstrations
· Samplings
· Tastings
· Rewards Centers
· Event Hostess
· On-site / Off-premise Activities
· Incentive and Loyalty Programs

Our trained team of professionals develop, manage and provide coordination coverage of all details from signage to logistics management.


· Experiential Marketing
· BTL Marketing
· Flash Mob
· Sales Conventions
· Rumbas / Celebrations
· Promotional Road-Shows
· On-site / Off-premise Activities

We know the risks involved when it comes to events. Our field teams are trained to proactively service both creatively and strategically in all areas of planning, logistics and tactical implementation. You can look to BTL Latino to handle the details of hotel and budget, to staffing requirements in all areas of the event. We are trained and experienced in both corporate and non-corporate event functions.

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